Oops paints! Karol G and Anuel AA give the note even being in quarantine!


Karol G and Anuel AA living in a eternal partyneither the quarantine nor isolation prevent these two keep having fun although in your own home. The couple he keeps giving the note from the running of the bulls and not just based music.

Parody the situation we have videos that are hung on their networks, curse of the coronavirus from the terrace of your house or do ‘playback’ with the issues of the other singers to keep you entertained, anything is valid to pass the time, give a taste to the staff and to make their followers laugh.

Inside of the crazy things that characterize them is to recognize that lto last is very nice and resultona but no less controversy than usual.

The couple she has organized a costume party in your homein full quarantine and without taking into account the measures of security… even if in this feast as only they have been the guests!

Anuel and Karol have gone from being the kings of the reggaeton to become the characters of the Disney movie ‘Lilo & Stitch’ thanks to a few costumes of the most sympathetic.

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A publication shared KAROL G (@karolg) the

And all this would have remained a publication more if it were not for the delicacy of Anuel has been conspicuous by its absence. The puerto rican again make it clear that bad taste does not beat anyone to pose in the publication with a mask pink in the mouth for anything stuck with the characters of those who were dressed, if I tried to be original and creative this time it has been wrong.

Perhaps his friendship with the also singer Bad Bunny has something to do in the election as untimely of that accessoryBad is a stalwart of the masks since long before it became necessary to use.

There are still days of confinement, and we are sure that there will be more publications that will follow the same line, we’ll see with what they are able to surprise in the next.