Oh Shaquille O’neal compares Lebron James and Kobe! Don Juan Toscano flipa!


The fans, the analysts and the players themselves can become impatient with a return to the normality of the competition baloncestística most important thing in the world, the NBA, and each expresses in its own way. For the Basketball Hall of Fame as Shaquille O’neal is still too recent, the pain of the loss of Kobe Bryant to step back and think about the pandemic. But as it is a time of reflection, also what there is to look back and analyze the game from legends such as the legendary 24 The Los Angeles Lakersplayer , a player-fledged inspired by mexican Juan Toscano, which have excited the last words of the legendary power forward angelino.

And is that Shaq Attackone of the centers more dominators and determinants of all-time, has secured new speaking of his former partner -with whom he won three rings (O’neal left the basketball with four, as they managed another with Miami Heat)- that Kobe was a dream of a player, “he was like a young Jordan”has said the player removed and to Heavy.com. The death of the legendary escort continues to echo, even more so with this atypical stop the league, surely now the life has stopped and there is more space to think about what has been lived.

The inspiration for the five-times winner of the NBA and that he lost his life the past month of January in California in a helicopter accident, its dimension, it is latent, as it has been in charge of manifesting the mexican player of the Golden State Warriorsthat now takes advantage of this break by the pandemic, to to recover from his ankle injury. And is that 95 of the of the Bay always is mindful of its origins, where Kobe occupies a fundamental place and inspiration or as his number, which pays homage to the street in which he grew up.

John Toscano

The interview The Godfather has not left anyone indifferent and gave more of himself, delving into the comparison, always recurring, between the late Bryant, Michael Jordan and Lebron James. In this sense, ONeal did not bit his tongue and said player’s franchise of the current Lakers it is the mixture of the other two. It’s not a bad comparison there will be thought a Lebron who has been involved fat with your last departure of tone in social networksand this time it has not been by to speak about basketball or the coronavirius, but football! The King began to name living legends of the sport-king, in the direct, and spoke of Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappé and Neymar Junior, ignoring Leo Messi, something that did not go unnoticed to his followers. Your setback is viral.


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