Oh I can not believe it! Jessica Mane and Ciro Immobile have problems!


If these days Agus Gandolfo it has been done with the title personal trainer of Lautaro Martinez, Jessica Melenathe pair of Ciro Immobile, has left aside his profession, and the walkways to give free rein to his facet of actress. The Italian and the athlete have problems, different ways of seeing the future and that nothing is due to the confinement.

While the Societá Sportiva Lazio expected to pass the quarantine and to the front Italian return along with the rest of the team, the model parody of the married life in a video with Cyrus and she as protagonists.

Or be considered to be the highest goal scorer of the european leagues nor be almost, almost to the point of take the Boot Gold of the season 2019/2020 have prevented Cyrus display your ability of interpretation in front of the lens and not with a ball at his feet.

And is that note that the expectations for the future dummy have little to do with reality and with his present, and that they are one of the couples more stable and became more aware of the panorama of football. Different ways of understanding the married lifethere are the problems.

Cyrus you lose the game, is not the first time that Mane is complaining publicly of the fans overreacted to the athlete this type of entertainment. That’s why I made this public, even though using the mood, as if with the laughter you puqiera remove a bit of iron to the subject…

The ‘former’ player of Sevilla lose track of time every time that it gets to play FIFAforget about Jessica and all the rest, another problem of the couple in a humorous way again!

The idea of romanticism Jessica has nothing to do with the idea of the future of Cyrus only has eyes for the game and the ball, what a disappointment, Jessica.