No mercy! Agustina Gandolfo keeps well in shape to Lautaro Martinez


What will have the football and the players that all the players even though they are not handsome, they seem to be, and in addition they get always end of the arm of a model. Agustina Gandolfo he devotes his spare time to model but just realize that if you had a choice profession prefer to be entertained I keep in shape to Lautaro!

Agus has decided that for the duration of the time of being at home is going to take the opportunity to to prevent your guy is no longer in the form. The objective of Argentina is that Lautaro continue to be the pearl most precious of Inter Milan while Barca, Madrid, and half of Europe sharpen the claws trying to get with him.

And is now Agus takes the shirt of Inter every time that is dropped by the field, but does not hesitate to affirm that always wear the t-shirt that your child wears a because he knows that all the world wants to have with him!

The front of the Inter you have secured a good sports session with a fitness center improvised in the roof of your house. Dumbbells and kettle bell for the exercise of muscle and a ball to not lose its touch it is the only thing that the youtuber you need to make sure of the good condition of their companion for the duration of the quarantine, is a workout without pity and… without the need of going to the field!

And as it’s not all sport, even in the case of the very Lautaro, the athlete has decided to of ‘motu proprio’ take advantage of this time of confinement for learn to play the keyboard, a form of delight and thank Agustina bouts of exercise with him, you have to see all that you can do when you are locked up in the house!

I just lack the presence of Wanda Nara and Mauro Icarditheir intimate friends, for which the confinement ceases to be a torture, though perhaps the role of coach demanding Agus is more difficult to bring the own confinement, or who to be without their friends.


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