Miley Cyrus skips the quarantine and receives the visit of all these celebs


What of Miley Cyrus and the circus mounted as has no name. With that being famous and imposing their laws skips the rest of the bullfighter, and without import. Even the quarantine he has served for the singer, that she is still at home because he has invited lots of famous to your living room!

He was born to the show, leave us with the hips close to the chair and the open mouth with each one of their occurrences. From get your tongue out in photos to begin with Disney for after betraying him how not going to attract someone with a resume like this and your age?

And while many have been those who have been winding the brains for entertain staff at the time of confinement none has had neither the success nor the occurrence of Cyrus. And all thanks to ‘Bright minded’ or the ‘program’ that has been created through your Instagram and with that a multitude of famous can be found in the house of Miley without the need to go out to the street.

The series is the perfect excuse for the singer to demonstrate his skills with the makeup, with the song or with the sport, a little bit of everything and without the need to go deeper because the thing is to entertain. Although it is more sweet-toothed are the guest stars to your program.

Or Rita Oranor Demi Lovatonor Dua Magnifying Glass or Haley Bieber –among many others- have been known to refuse to visit ‘on-line’ the home of Miley even being in quarantine, the show continuing in the house of the singer and guest performers-no need to open the door!

His father and his sisters, with category of celebrity, also no longer fall in this series which you already have your audience on Instagram and on Youtube.

Some strive to make more bearable the forties, and what they get of truth, although this time it’s Miley who has taken the palm.