It does not notice! The shirt Eiza González was opened, and he saw more!


Eiza Gonzalez not laziness, no matter you wear more twelve days of confinement or be alone at home. The actress has decided to put the good face primping as if he were to go to an appointment, a party which usually but without moving from your home, and that’s even with the rush you see did not end of wearing the shirt.

With the excuse of the premiere of her latest film, ‘Bloodshot’ in the digital platforms, Eiza has been fixed in the same way that you would to go to a photocall, although this time, from your home and with the pinpoint attractive with the that always appears in the pictures.

The actress, who shares the limelight on the treadmill next to Vin Diesel and Sam Heughamhas not found a better way of advertise the availability of the tape ‘on-line’ that using as claim a shirt that has not been completed in close, and that leaves the view of your cleavage.

And is that after the premiere of the tape in United States and the later viewing Mexico the income of ‘Bloodshot’ to fall into a tailspin due to the crisis of the coronavirus, Eiza has been put to work to avoid that the collection that is expected in a beginning with his appearance reach the minimum expected.

Considered one of the mexican most elegant along with Shalma Hayek, Eiza has become a fashion icon world that outstrips all ‘fashion trends’ that end up succeeding.

Or the ‘total blue look of Eiza is new, or the technique of leaving the jacket open or the shirt unfinished to buckle what they are. The novelty lies in the digital platforms and the possibility of going to the cinema without leaving the house. And in seeing Eiza González, without that shirt, without that suit and hitting good beatings to Diesel, it often epic image!


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