¡Insane! Danna Paola was bored and it kills time this way


Danna Paola you do not intend to follow associations eventually bore, and that’s that you come up with a thousand ideas for keep entertaining in the house, but counting with an agenda filled with appointments to have all the time in the world, goes a piece. That is why instead of get composing their own songs, Danna has found more fun to interpret the songs of others and so let run the time!

Danna was one of the first famous joined the trend #MeQuedoEnCasa with the intention to serve as an example to the rest of the population. And once confined, and according to the account, it passes the hours doing puzzles, cooking, sewing and basking in the sun, in addition to give the song all the days.

Had the brilliant idea of offering a sort of ‘concert’ in streaming with that in addition to doing what he likes the most he attended to the petitions of his followers. With this ‘direct’ gave all his people with their issues ‘Candy world’ or ‘The first day without you’, the favorite of his fans, but Danna was right full to the rush to interpret ‘Husk’ of Karol G in a version sung ‘my way’.

Recall that the theme of the ‘bebecita’ it is one of the most sounds on all radio stations and that it has remained in the first positions for several weeks in a row. Thanks to this, there was no doubt at the time of granting the Award Spotify the ‘female Artist with the highest number of streams’, this is the reason that Paola has chosen to use this song.

It does not sound bad the theme of the defiance in the mouth of this actress and not out of tune anything that what you sing in a bathing suitmore than 40 thousand people they have given faith to the connect via Instagram to this impromptu concert.

At the moment Mexico has not received any comment by Karol G, perhaps there could be some collaboration in the future, confident that their core would be happy.