Don Antonella Roccuzzo very worried! The decision that changes everything


Leo Messi is still without stamping his signature on his new contract. For the moment, the talks are ongoing, and the club are optimistic about the possibilities that they have, as you are aware of the desire of the player and his wife, Antonella Roccuzzo, is to continue in the club of his life. Of time, have already managed to accept that Eric Abidal and Josep Maria Bartomeu, who have already apologized for everything, continue in their positions, and are not forced to resign. That if, with the condition of things will continue doing as he instructs, and the next gesture that you do not like the argentine, will go on to the street. The ‘10’ also has made him grace that has been placed to Marc-André Ter Stegen and Antoine Griezmann in the list of transferable, as he commanded, and have great hopes in getting the return of Neymar Junior.

But there is something that he has not finished like both the last winner of the Golden Ball and the ‘The Best’. And that is that Quique Setién go forward, beyond this season, as coach of Barca. Because you already asked in January, after the departure of Ernesto Valverde, the arrival of someone of your liking, such as Xavi Hernández, who has a lot of faith deposited, despite his lack of experience in Europe. However, no one wanted to land at the Camp Nou to half of course, only for the spaniard. So, Leo gave the okay, because there was no other.

However, the condition was that in the summer split their ways, and return to activate the search for a coach this summer. Something that, for the moment, it seems that it is going to produce. Because enough have the crisis, because of the coronavirus, and the open fronts on the market, such as for unwinding looking for a coach of warranties.


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