Daniela Ospina teaches us all that to get down on the floor! Attention


Daniela Ospina tries to entertain the people of the way that it is at this stage that complicated. And what’s more attention put on, in addition to the pure fun, is to incite their followers, which number in the tens of thousands, to take advantage of these days and do not remain unemployed. For athletes, those who each day go to the gym, go out for a run or do another type of activities, there are thousands of ways to stay in shape from home. And for the sedentary, those who spend the day without moving a finger, and whose physical form is not ideal, it is time to make a thought and lose a few pounds. Because, inevitably, otherwise you will win on this quarantine, since you can’t move more than a few meters each day, inside his home.

For that reason, the coffee makers posted this picture, in that appears by stretching, in one of the exercises more complicated and hard that there is, called ‘the table’. Is to stay completely straight, supporting the weight on the arms, flexed, and legs. But the ex-wife of the crack of Real Madrid and the selection of colombia, James Rodriguez, it does so with an amazing ease, proving that it is in a time-optimal. Obviously, the reason for this is because it follows a strict diet, and do not let even a single day of rest. His passion and his entertainment, besides its way to release the stress, is by doing sport. There can be No pastime more healthy.

“You’re the best, and that’s it”, “it Is difficult to maintain the constancy of this before, but will try as you can”, “Daniela, why not show us your routine?”, “That body has, is a wonder”, “If it teaches everything”, and “If it weren’t for Ospina, not that you would,” were the reactions.


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