Blac Chyna it leaves us crazy! First plane so large. ¡Video!


The one who said that ‘the size does not matter’ I was very wrong. The importance of the size goes from the amount of fame that one has even the size of the current accountit can all be measured. And Blac Chyna it is one of the female dancers know well the importance of having something big.

His obsession with the size seems to comes from the time that Blac was busy with Rob Kardashianbrother wayward clan that doesn’t like the popularity enjoyed by their sisters. The urge to be part of one of the families of greater fame or even the size outrageous physicist Kim may be the source of his taste for the excessive.

And since then, to this day, in the life Blac Chyna everything is great.

Not a single one of their controversial it is small –especially those that have to do with certain substances – their enmity with Kim surpasses that Taylor Swift and the clan keep and the income for your sale of cosmetics are so high that you have already left even deserve the epithet of great.

Physically Blac has attributes that are also great. If many of our famous have had to resort to operations for aesthetic surgery to enhance their lips, the u.s. just leave us crazy people, teaching that in it, the size of your mouth it is also huge!

Their lips are so exaggerated in volume that requires multiple passes of the lipstick to be able to cover them completely. But the false eyelashes that has been either left behind, you just have to see it.

And it is that has set that Nicki Minaj passed three villages with the size of the accessories that it takes, and she has decided to do the same. Because the last thing of Blac is that wants to imitate Nicki singing, who wants to devote himself to the song, that’s why to increase your curriculum, you know, a matter of size again.


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