As if not to carry anything! Camila Angelo to the side of the Hulk, and with that dress!


What of Camila Angelo and Givanildo Vieira de Souza, ‘The Hulk‘, has been reaching out and kiss the saint. Just give the ‘yes I want’ after a couple of months of relationship, what says love at first sight. Perhaps it has been that the reason that Camila has dared to put on a dress of chiffon too thin to pose as husband and wife.

The player of Shanghai SIPG in the Super league in China has been able to do that newly graduated in medicine leave everything and marry him. And that’s despite the fact that Angelo has the dubious honour of ‘bring’ the title of niece to the marriage since the former partner of the player is to aunt Camilla.

This relationship that has more pint of soap opera that real love has remained in the strict privacy until 14 February, when it was made public the commitment, the ‘relationship’ and the desire to spend by vicarage.

The secrecy with the has brought this relationship was primarily due to the $ 60 million they demanded as compensation the former partner of the Hulk and that by what has been seen, the player, has no intention of paying.

In spite of everything the wedding took place in the strictest privacyin China and makes thing a week. In the photo that was used of the time it is not surprising, nor that the dress used by Camila to be color blue instead of mastering the white and it is very transparent. And neither does the style excessively casual for Hulk who has dared to marry leading flip flops.

Nothing is known about the reasons for the choice of this outfit, perhaps due to haste or you may in reality have been limited to bringing what has already come to them in wins. What is certain is that before the wedding, before the dress and before the flip-flops Camila sent a letter to his aunt asking him to apologize, the former of the Hulk, and that Angelo has not yet had a response.


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