Anna Nystrom teaches us how to train at home with a video spectacular


Many of us accumulate the doubt in this confinement required by the authorities. Do not do physical exercise in the gym or on the same street is one of the biggest problems that people are encountering these days. How do famous? How do exercise at home the Instagramers to show off a perfect body in the summer that is coming? It is not the same telling it to display it, and Anna Nystrom has decided that the example was to give herself. Hallucinates with the video.

We can often see on your Instagram your workouts, but today it takes on even more relevance because we can take it as model sample. It is a complete routine where you work all areas of the body, especially the buttocks. And it is that we want to wear a swimsuit in the summer time that comes we must work hard our muscles in the back of our body.

Anna Nystrom started exercising consistently after that experienced a strong disease. She was studying photography and fashion, when he had to quit to focus on herself. The bet was nothing bad.

He lives for his physical today and works as a model of fitness. It is an absolute reference in your country and many want to see it even on tv. She has not dared to make the jump yet to the small screen, but does not rule out anything in the near future.

Among his hobbies have always been the cinema and the theatre. “It could be in the future, I have raised. Now I just want to continue to grow on Instagram and prove that I am a very good personal trainer. People see me as something more than a physical and I like that a lot.”


We will wait with patience for you to definitely take the step and see it in some series Swedish. Until then, we’re going to train according to your routine. To see if tomorrow we can get up out of bed without crying.