Will Smith says he is guilty and asks for forgiveness, but … it’s too late!


Will it do any good now?

These are not good times for  Hollywood or for any of the actors based there. Now you can be Brad Pitt, act as Sylvester Stallone or be the godfather that none would like to have that the city of Los Angeles is in the doldrums. And Will Smith, too. The actor has just admitted that he has his share of the blame for all the misinformation circulating about the Covid-19 … how is that possible?

Let’s go by parts.

The actor is not having the best time of his life on a personal level or at the star level he has them all with him. Your children are becoming the biggest scourge for your peace of mind and Covid is doing the rest, will you ever know what calm is again?

With the medical landscape we are facing, Will admits that he is guilty – although only in part – of all the misinformation that is circulating due to the character he played in ‘I am a legend’.

In that tape, Will was the only survivor of a virus that transformed all of humanity into beasts that sought his blood except for the interpreter himself, who was immune to the bug.

Smith thinks that sometimes the characters in his films can give rise to a false reality and heroism that only exists on the screen, so he encourages us to use reliable sources so as not to be victims of all the hoaxes that circulate online.

To play the role of virologist in the movie ‘I Am Legend’, Will had to go to centers for disease prevention control, consult virologists in real life and assimilate concepts that are difficult to understand for those of us who are not used to them. Hence his feeling of guilt in blurring reality in favor of the film And hence also his need to ask for forgiveness.

With all the information that is circulating these days, the actor tries to put a little calm and foundation. Virologists and epidemiologists are in charge, the rest is just guessing.

Professionals who one day threw a cable at the time of playing a role and who today work to stop a real virus … and that is that sometimes reality surpasses fiction, don’t you think?