The secret of Anna Kanyuk’s legs: they are not hers!


Be careful because fake is revealed and can have very serious consequences

Since she rose to fame with that famous video that went viral in a matter of minutes (yes, the one in which she closed the trunk of a car with the only help of her leg) they have been the most famous legs of the network of networks, InstagramAnd it is that at the moment there are not two extremities that receive as many glances as those of Anna Kanyuk . 

The infinite-legged model who measures 184, although they seem much more if one sees her photos and videos, is known for the flexibility of her legs that allow her to perform actions within the reach of very few chosen: from the aforementioned closure of the trunk of a car until holding the hood of another vehicle while checking the engine going through an endless number of staggers both on the ground and turned. A true gymnast with brutal dominance over her body.

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Now, the most difficult has yet come when in one of her last videos she has appeared making a series of coordinated movements with arms and legs while looking at the camera. In the video, you can see how she is able to bend her legs over her back until She reaches the front in a gesture that seems truly impossible. What happens is that considering that we are talking about Kanyuk everything is possible as far as the legs are concerned …

But if one watches the video, it soon becomes clear that there is a trick here and that it is not her legs but those of the Instagram and also contortionist Adelina Lazarov. You can see why the legs hit Anna’s head and that’s when the whole joke is revealed. 

The video is approaching half a million views and maybe a problem for the Russian in the long run if her compatriot ends up acquiring as much fame as she does as it is direct competition: pretty, young, Instagrammer and with an ability to flex her legs out than usual.