MC Rebecca poses stunning and makes emotional outburst about racial discrimination


The funkier made a text about the International Day Against Racial Discrimination

On Saturday night (21), MC Rebecca made a well aware post on her Instagram.

The funkier made a video in the gif style and posed stunning in a fishnet style outfit, where she exhibited her natural beauty and beautiful natural and long hair.

In the post, the muse took the opportunity to vent in the caption: “Today is the International Day Against Racial Discrimination, a struggle that the black people actually live daily. Each of our acts is political and in favor of a world without racism. Every time we wake up and go out on the streets without fear of being who we are and saying that we are going to get where we want, we are fighting racial discrimination! I recently made a playlist on my @spotifybrasil called “As Pretas Da Parada”, enjoy this rainy Saturday of quarantine and go there to stream and praise these wonderful blacks ”.

The publication received over 40,000 likes and followers praised the muse.

“Best idol in the world”, praised a follower. “The true meaning of women,” wrote a second. “You are very perfect,” commented another.