Shannon de Lima abandons James Rodríguez! This photo appears


Bad news for the Colombian

Watch the bomb. Because a little over a week ago it was reported that Shannon de Lima intended to flee Spain, seeing the coronavirus crisis. However, it was said that he had not given him time to leave and that he decided to keep company with his current partner, James Rodríguez, who was quarantined before the rest of the population, due to the positive of a player from the squad Real Madrid basketball team. And, although they did not upload photos together, they all assumed that they were both in the same house, looking for ways to entertain and distract themselves in such a complicated situation. However, the last photo that the Venezuelan published on her social networks set off all the alarms, and ran like wildfire in a matter of hours. The why? You just have to pay attention to.

And it is that the ex of the Puerto Rican artist Marc Anthony or the Mexican boxer Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez appeared on the balcony of what appears to be a hotel or a block of flats. In other words, it can already be deduced that he is not at home. But it is that, in addition, you can see the sea in the background, so it is not only that it is not in Madrid, it is not even close. Something that does nothing more than adds fuel to the fire, and stoke the rumors that speak of a very strong crisis between Shannon and James, or even the rupture and total separation. ‘

“Of course, his best moment does not pass …”, “How easy, a complicated stage arrives and you leave, how beautiful it seems to me”, “What an example you give Shannon …”, “What a pity I feel for James, with the good man that is “,” Your attitude is shameful “or” Does that mean they have definitely broken? ” it was read in the comments.