As known in the week Sony has unveiled the technical characteristics of the PlayStation 5 confirming the power of 10.28 TeraFLOPS, the maximum figure reachable by squeezing the CPU and GPU frequencies to the highest levels. Tom Warren of The Verge wanted to comment on this situation on his Twitter profile.

” It will be interesting to understand how often the PlayStation 5 CPUs and GPUs will go at maximum frequency. It seems that the real performances are equal to 9 TFLOPS while Microsoft seems convinced that the Xbox Series X will be able to guarantee 12 fixed TeraFLOPS. There will always be a gap. “

It should be stressed in any case how Warren’s opinion is in contrast with what Cerny himself stated to Digital Foundry, that is, the PS5 custom chip will be able to” keep at bay “the temperatures and that the performance will be based always on the requests of individual software and not by the temperature itself, even in unfavorable environmental conditions.

As also reported by our Alessio Ferraiuoloin the article dedicated to the technical analysis of PS5, ” In this way, that you play in a room with 40 degrees and with a more” unfortunate “SoC, which rises less with the frequencies, or that you are in a cool environment and with more SoC performance, the final output remains the same. In practice, instead of waiting for the temperature peak to lower the voltage on the SoC and consequently the frequencies (Thermal Throttling), Sony keeps the voltage constant and varies the frequencies, keeping in a range of always ideal work. “

Clearly this is a situation still to be clarified and before going out of balance it will be necessary to wait for the arrival of the consoles on the market and the first technical tests. On the PS5 card it can count on the power of 10.28 TeraFLOPS while Xbox Series X has a power of 12 TFLOPs; this – we repeat – at least according to the official specifications but in conditions to be verified .

During the presentation of the new console, Mark Cerny pushed a lot on the potential of the PS5 custom SSD and the developers seem to agree that this will be one of the strengths of the platform, at a technical level, however, as already said, there is still a lot to discover considering that Sony has not shown any PS5 tech demos in action at the moment.