The organizing committee of the Overwatch League, after changing the programs for the third season by suspending live events and veering towards a schedule matched by online-only, due to the spread of COVID-19 must face yet another problem of a somewhat turbulent season.

The games scheduled for March 21 and 22 that should have been played online this weekend have been postponed due to a recent restraining order issued by the authorities of the city of Los Angeles.

The ” safer at home ” ordinance discourages citizens from leaving their homes for non-essential tasks. The state of California is also moving accordingly. The Overwatch League staff and production are located in Los Angeles.

The teams that were supposed to participate in this weekend’s matches are also in the area but the inability to go to the venue (where all the equipment is located) could prevent the championship day from running smoothly.

” For the general safety and well-being of our players, teams, and staff, and in line with the safer at the home ordinance, we are postponing this weekend’s scheduled Overwatch League competition,” said the organizing committee in a statement.

As you know, in response to the coronavirus emergency, the Overwatch League canceled all the matches scheduled in China between February and March. After the cancellations of the live events, the championship has switched to an online model which is expected to last until May 1st.

Meanwhile, Overwatch is preparing to welcome a new heroEcho.