Danyan Cat’s ‘little outfit’ on the beach Impossible to stop looking!


Leaves her fans speechless

Video games and streaming platforms, in general, have become a market with great economic potential in recent years. What some called little machines a while ago, has become one of the businesses that generate the most in the world. Today’s children have exchanged television and drawings for videos of a person playing a video game, something unthinkable a few years ago.

This is how ‘YouTubers’ like Danyan Cat have become famous. The Mexican began uploading videos to the platform in September 2012, in which she mainly dedicated to the video game genre called’ shooters’, despite the fact that she also made some ‘tag ‘. Her style and good humor complemented by her sometimes criticized wardrobe,  have currently earned her more than 1.25 million subscribers on her channel. One of the most followed!

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Toy chiquita ¿me das like? 😋

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She is one of the best friends of another of the most famous Latin American ‘YouTubers’, Windi GirkTv. Along with the one that was involved in a great controversy a few years ago with the famous Spanish ‘influencer’, the Rubius, and the ‘Fortnite’ tournament that she organized. An event that gave her greater visibility if possible, being the winner of the first game that was played, making herself known outside of Latin America.

He is currently in a relationship with another of the world-famous, ArtuxCreed, and at 24 years old she is going through a sweet moment in her life. She follows her own by uploading videos of games like ‘The Sims’, ‘Fortnite’ or ‘Call of Dutty’, leaving behind all the criticism she has suffered throughout her time on YouTube. Now she has also gone to Instagram to show off her feminine attributes, as one more ‘influencer’. You are learning to further captivate the public!