As we anticipated a few weeks ago, the export could also land in Call of Duty: Mobile. It could not be otherwise, given that the application of TiMi and Tencent is one of the most successful paperback titles in recent months.

The 2020 CoD Mobile Championship could begin with a first phase on April 2, according to what is posted by Matt “MobileMatt” Rutledge, director of Complexity Gaming.

The image is a leak, but it seems reliable.

Here’s what the time scan should look like:

Tournament ( only ): from 3 to 26 April;

Tournament ( Team Up ): from 1 to 10 May;

Regional qualifications: from 17 to 31 May;

Regional playoffs: from June to August.

Apparently, the qualifications and the regional playoffs will lead to the CoD Mobile Championship 2020, which will probably be a live event on LAN, provided that the coronavirus-related health emergency is resolved.

YouTuber Luke “Ferg” Fergie, in the comments below the tweet, clarified the doubts by saying that the photo was taken from CoD Mobile’s beta test servers. So, at the moment nothing has been confirmed by Activision yet, even if the veracity of the image could be legitimized shortly.

The probable ” solo ” tournament, therefore, seems to have four qualifiers for four weekends in April. Participants will have to play 10 ranked games over the weekend that will award them a score based on wins and rankings.

And it seems that this phase will probably be open to everyone. So, start giving in.