What Drake was missing is in danger!


All for partying

It is no mystery that the great stars of Hollywood and others such as singers or elite athletes often coincide at the most prestigious parties, many are even very good friends. Among the celebrities who most enjoy the art of nightclubs and the like is the Canadian rapper Drake,  but after his last celebration, it seems that he will not have the opportunity to enjoy the night in the long season.

Drake recently spent the night with Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant,  who tested positive for the Covid-19 two days ago. A piece of news that has fallen like a jug of cold water for the rapper, which could also have been contacted by being in contact with the NBA player. The Canadian has published on his social networks his concern about the situation and has confirmed that he will carry out an exhaustive quarantine without leaving the house for the entire period of time that the medical authorities advise him and until the situation returns to normal, something that sadly It seems to be far from happening.

Throughout his career, the rapper has always been closely linked to controversy, with no hair on his tongue and often getting where he shouldn’t have. A great fan of basketball and also, unfortunately, to speak more of the account. She was recently the victim of criticism from the press and fans for her close relationship with singer Billie Eilish and the rumors that linked them as more than just friends.

It is clear that Drake likes to create controversy wherever he steps, a context to which he has already become accustomed and in which he is very comfortable. The consequences and regrets do not seem to bother him frequently and everything indicates that it will not stop being this way. Now the controversy will have to create it, at least one season, from home. He doesn’t care what they say about him!

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