Sofía Suescun defies censorship Busting Instagram!


What a picture!

The algorithms of Instagram is something that is very fashionable lately. Although the social network does not rely solely on them to try to deal with daring publications that go against the rules imposed by the network. It’s cataloging as an app for all audiences does not allow anyone to show anything else, although many ‘Instagrammers’ seem to have managed to find a way to continue showing off constantly.

Among one of the famous that most enjoy this type of posadas ​​is Sofía Suescun. The Spanish woman rose to fame after participating in ‘Gran Hermano’ 16 and later both in ‘MyHyV’ and in the 2018 edition of the reality show ‘Survivientes’. A career always linked to television that has provided her with a large number of fans for her social networks. Currently, she is still linked to the Mediaset group participating in several of its programs, in addition to her posing as a model.

Regarding the love theme, Sofía has starred in several romances in her participation in various programs. Her relationship with Alejandro Albalá has been a constant of comings and goings since they met. She has played when we are together now, not now, and the next day we will start again. Both through networks and live episodes from both contexts have been experienced to such an extent that it is unknown whether they are a couple or have ended forever, despite the fact that with these two you never know.

Life seems to paint her very well in her nearest future. Many brands interested in her, participation in various television shows and to continue posing as a model. All this is not going to stop her from spending time on what is one of her favorite hobbies, raising the temperature on Instagram, where she has more than a million followers. Sofia is left for a while!