Lucia Rivera, Márquez’s ex, dances in full confinement for her fans


The Spanish pilot and the model broke last February after a year and a half of intense relationship

There’s nothing like breaking a quarantined relationship. When they should be drowning their sentences away from home, Lucia Rivera and Marc Márquez are confined to their homes, forgetting each other. It has been a year and a half of intense relationship, but it has been ended by, according to rumors, the distance and the intense work of the pilot. Traveling every two weeks and without time to enjoy a stable life as a couple.

Neither of them has recognized it at the moment, but everything seems to indicate that love ended as quickly as the pilot takes the turns. Catalan is, like most people in Spain these days, confined to her home with her parents and brothers. We have been able to see them enjoy their free time doing what they know best after driving, jokes.

Lucia was in Mexico with her mother and little brother last week. Before the state of alarm was decreed, she spent a few days on the Mexican beaches enjoying the sun and good weather in the neighboring country. A luxury that obviously now misses from home.

A video was uploaded yesterday where she can be seen dancing briefly. Small movements! You can guess why Márquez lost her mind completely because of her. We can’t blame her. Many people threw themselves on top of the model who always suffers the ravages of Instagram.

“Shouldn’t you be home like everyone else?” some say in the post. And it is that the young woman is not to blame for the lack of reading comprehension of many in this country. In the title, Lucia says “From when I danced in supermarkets. Courage, strength and humor ”. You don’t have to be a writer to know that this video was recorded before confinement. However, she had to explain it.

Maybe being at home is driving us crazier, but seeing her at least gives us peace within the madness. Surely Márquez continues to observe her publications. She will miss her more than ever. It’s normal.