Lady Gaga confesses, she is not fully healed yet!


The singer stays away

When you talk about Lady Gaga, you never know where the bomb is going to come from. In the three and a half months that we have been in 2020, the singer has remained much calmer and inactive than usual, as if she already knew before that they did not expect great things from the world in the coming times. Despite the fact that it is already known that she was apart working on her sixth album that will be released in April if it is not delayed by the current situation with the coronavirus.

Lady Gaga has admitted that she has several health problems that she had not wanted to make public until now, as well as a few posadas ​​for a magazine in which she appears without any clothes. Such unconventional photographs perfectly embody the flamboyant style of the singer. This publication that already gave the note with her photo report by Kim Kardashian with whom they managed to explode the networks.

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The past few months have been clouded by her fight against fibromyalgia and depression. Gaga is in a battle to regain her physical and mental health that she has yet to win. Despite the fact that she is much better, the singer affirmed that of these problems you can never say that you have been cured, it is a constant struggle in which you have good days and bad days.

Her next work will be an album that will aim to convey the greatest possible joy. A decision she has made after this bad experience she has confessed, in which many days she could not even complete her recording sessions, reaching the point of crying because of the depression she suffered. After passing this bad moment, Lady Gaga aims again to the highest and to recover little by little one hundred percent, recovering her happiness again. Everyone wants Lady Gaga to be the same as ever!