Jailyne Ojeda returns to the charge Video bomb!


Like never before!

The lie can be very annoying if it becomes continuous harassment and demolition, even more so if it is played with someone’s body for the sole purpose of making money and harming that person. Jailyne Ojeda has been a victim of it in recent months until it has exploded in her last Instagram post, several photos of her edited without clothes were circulating on the Internet, even being sold. A false edited material was harming her.

The Latin American fitness model has denied that these photos exist and asks all her fans to stop spreading them and buying them. A very lucrative business that Jailyne wasn’t aware of until a few months ago. She has admitted that some of her publications have sought to play with it and get out of tune, but she has assured that she has never reached such an extreme,  not even privately. She is very angry!

A style that has led her to become one of the most recognized models within Instagram. Her account already has more than 11.3 million followers and despite being a bit absent in recent months, she is still considered the queen of ‘selfies’. With only 22 years old, she has managed to captivate the public and put everyone in her pocket thanks to a stunning physique that has very little to envy to any other.

Born in Arizona and of Latin descent, she combines all the ingredients to compete with anyone. Although Ojeda has not been satisfied with her success as an ‘Instagrammer’, her record has been expanded by appearing in various music videos or as a promoter for several Arizona clubs. We will be attentive to her return to the posts, and if this last episode makes her leave the business, something that seems very unlikely. It’s bulletproof!

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