Isis Valverde takes advantage of the sunny day and shoots: “Fugidinha after vitamin D”


The muse’s corpão is giving the talk

Isis Valverde said something on Wednesday afternoon (18) when she released a photo in which she was sunbathing. The muse was also praised by the corpão.

“A little break for vitamin D is always valid!”, She wrote in the caption of the publication.

Recently, Isis Valverde completely caught the eye of her followers by posting a click on her official Instagram profile.

In the record, the brunette appeared performing a yoga pose, showing all her good shape and flexibility. “When you don’t feel well, anxious, stressed, or any other unpleasant feeling, look at it from another angle! Breathe, give you space to reflect. Read a good book, learn something new, move. Sometimes it’s just a matter of point of view ”, she wrote in the caption of the publication.