Gracyanne Barbosa’s sister sends a message about coronavirus: “Let’s pray”


The celebrity even explained when she took the published photo

Giovanna Jacobina, Gracyanne Barbosa’s sister released a photo in which she appears in dental floss and left fans mad on social media. The muse took advantage of the caption to comment more on the coronavirus.

“Let’s pray for the world! Everything will be fine so that we can take better care of the environment, value the people around us, animals and nature … Love will save the world. A lot of empathy, hygienic care, and faith at that moment! ”, She wrote in the caption of the publication.

“Note: the photos that I am posting in cachu or on the beach, are old, I am only leaving home when I need to go to work, veterinary medicine also doesn’t stop, hospitals continue to take care of pets …”, she concluded.

Recently, Gracyanne Barbosa’s sister raised the mood on social media.

Giovanna Jacobina posed with her boyfriend while enjoying a well-deserved vacation in a paradisiacal setting and took the opportunity to show that fitness is a family thing, as she sported a beautiful sculptural body in a neon orange outfit that left nothing for the fans’ imagination.