Anhana dancer Ohana Lefundes shares photo for quarantine fans


The celebrity shared an old photo on her Instagram

Ohana Lefundes, Anitta’s dancer, released a photo in which she appears in a swimsuit talking about her current isolation because of the coronavirus.

“I’m going to post some lost photos that I have and that’s what I have for quarantine. That was on the day of @ensaiosdaanitta in Rio when @pcortazio @wtfelocin and @pabllosl decided to watch a movie and slept in the beginning… .. that was also the day we shared an Airbnb and drank 150BPM until we said enough… .. I want to go back ”, she wrote in the caption of the publication.

The photo featured more than 57,000 likes on the celebrity’s Instagram.

“This is the type of photo that we quarantine want,” pointed out one. “I’m sure Anitta’s hand is shaking with this photo”, commented another.