You forget at home And Caeli walks down the street with just this!


It was no accident

The rise in temperatures is heralding the arrival of the long-awaited summer, despite the fact that there is still a long way to go to freely enjoy the beach and the rays of the sun again. Patricia Caeli has wanted to contribute her bit by raising the temperature on her personal Instagram account with a video that has made a great impact on all her fans.

Walking around Los Angeles is a hobby that many of us would like given the times. A visit to the city of Los Angeles is always a good plan, hot or cold. This has also been shared by the Mexican who has not cut half in her last post, wearing high boots in shiny silver and only a black shirt as a dress, anyone would say that she loves to show off. And it has done so by taking advantage of the empty highway, which has raised controversy in the face of the quarantine situation that is taking place.

The ‘YouTuber’ herself rectified a few hours later, publishing that she is also at home without going outside, adding that they can follow her routine on her YouTube channel. Accustomed to wearing tight and provocative dresses, in this case, the movie did not go well. The Mexican has one of the channels with the most followers in all of Mexico and Latin America, which makes her a very important influence for many people.

Caeli is currently enjoying being single. Her four love relationships, all with ‘YouTubers’, have not gone very well to be said. Although it does not seem that it has affected her much thanks to the great affection of all her fans. One of the hardest setbacks she suffered in 2018 after the publication of a private video of her, which caused major changes in her, including changing the name of her channel to ‘Caeli’.

She quarantines like everyone else, trying to raise awareness among all her subscribers to stay home. She keeps uploading videos to her channel and hopes that this situation will pass as soon as possible for everyone.