What a bomb Margot Robbie’s best kept secret!


No one would believe it

The premiere of the film starring Harley Quinn seems to have seen her records diminished after the situation that is currently happening around the world. The work of DC Comics has not been very well received despite having the famous Margot Robbie in the leading role. ‘Birds of Prey’ has not been a very fruitful sequel, although the entire film industry is currently facing the same problem. Completely empty movie theaters and losses that count for millions of dollars.

Margot Robbie has shown all her talent in both acting and directing. Margot wanted to provide her own works to directly create the roles she was best able to play. Deep characters and betting on a clear story in each film. Her varied roles along with all the personality changes she has had to undergo have led to stardom, despite the fact that she still resists the Oscar. Everything indicates that it will not take long to get her gold statuette!

The Australian has recently spoken about the poor data they have obtained at the box office. She has called all of Hollywood to calm and thinks that the most sensible thing would be to delay the scheduled releases for the duration of the expansion of COVID-19. It has also revealed one of her most personal secrets and that no one expected. Her fans are speechless!

Going back to her childhood, Robbie has admitted that one of her favorite hobbies was hunting wild boars. An activity that she carried out on her small family farm and that was necessary for business. And she admitted that even today she loves to catch artiodactyls whenever she has a chance to return to where she grew up. Totally rural life in the beginning of which has become one of the great stars of Hollywood.