Vanessa Hudgens is messing it up. You don’t care how many people die from the Convid-19!

Vanessa Hudgens attends the Broadway opening night of "West Side Story" at The Broadway Theatre on Feb. 20, 2020, in New York.

The American has already had to apologize, but her thoughts were expressed quite clearly.

It has always been said that on many occasions it is better to remain silent and not seem ignorant than to speak and confirm it. It seems that Vanessa Hudgens did not attend that class that we all receive at least once in our lives. The American singer and actress, famous for her role in High School Musical, said in a video on Instagram that “who cares how many people die from the Coronavirus, we are all going to die sometime” Amazing.

People’s response was immediate. The views were all alike, and almost none of them left the ex-girl Dinsey in good standing. The truth is that the American factory has created more problematic children than any other institution on the planet. Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus were clear examples of this, but Hudgens has passed them on the right.

The entire world, especially Europe  at the moment, has been stopped by the virus. Not only does the life of ordinary people slow down, but also in sports, we have seen how the virus was not a joke. Not at all. In Spain there are already several athletes affected and nobody makes jokes about it.

Vanessa Hudgson has had to apologize. As expected. We do not know if she has rectified because she has really thought about what she has said or because of the social pressure she has had, but the truth is that she is grateful.

In a statement on her own Instagram, she apologized for being so insensitive to people who were having a hard time with the Convid-19. Furthermore, she wanted to make it clear that her intention was not to hurt anyone’s feelings. Although it was too late.

Despite the apologies, social networks have continued to lynch the singer and actress. Surely this marks a before and after in a career, that of an actress especially, which had stagnated a bit in recent years. Her last role in Hollywood was as a supporting actress in Bad Boys For Life.

Little thing for someone who 10 years ago seemed to be eating the worldNow the world is the one who wants to eat it. Better to be quiet many times …