The most beastly photo of Cindy Álvarez in the pool. Crazy!



It is increasingly clear on Instagram that all the models are preparing their best clothes to receive the summer. Cindy Álvarez has not wanted to wait for another second, although the weather in Portugal does not accompany too much on these dates, she wanted to share it like this in her latest Instagram post by the pool at home and wearing a rather short wardrobe.

The wife of the Porto FC player Mateus Uribe continues to be seen on the networks boasting of her perfect physique. It is quite common to see videos of her training at home or in the gym as one of her favorite hobbies, without neglecting, of course, taking care of her two little ones. Gone are her years of catwalks and right now she only has eyes for her little ones. She is focused on being the best mother in the world!

The strong rumors of separation in 2018 could not with the couple, despite the fact that several media published that their relationship had ended. Now, after leaving Mexico, both have embarked on a new adventure together in Europe, after Mateus’s arrival in Portuguese soccer. Cindy has declared herself several times as a great sports fan that her husband practices and follows her wherever she goes as one more admirer, as has already been verified in some competitions such as the last World Cup of soccer supporting Colombia.

It is worth mentioning that Cindy does not make a bit of grace the comments that suggest that she lives from her husband. The Colombian, in addition to being a model, is a businesswoman, running her own brand of beauty products in her native country. Álvarez has not only managed to make Mateus fall in love with her beauty but also her more than three hundred and sixty thousand followers on Instagram with her fiery photos and her worked figure.