Thatgamecompany announces that Sky Children of the Light has been downloaded over 10 million times. This milestone comes after numerous awards such as Apple’s iPhone Game of the Year and Game of the Year People’s Choice of the Mobile Game Awards, as well as numerous nominations for the most important awards that have come in the past three months.

In the last few months, thatgamecompany has been working on the highly anticipated release for Google Play, now expected for next April. European fans with Android devices can now pre-register for Sky Children of the Light on Google Play. More details about the game have been announced today, with the Nintendo Switch version being the first for consoles and coming later in the year.

The will of the studio is then to be able to get cross-play support for Sky, allowing mobile players to connect to the versions of the title for home consoles (in the works) very soon. Since launch, Sky has been acclaimed by the public and critical for its approach to a different and shared gameplay, building positive and compassionate communities. It has slowly blossomed like a real online world thanks to its ever-expanding kingdom, in-game events and four seasons released so far. A new season is already in development together with new stories, surprises, and opportunities to collaborate with other players.

Jenova Chen, co-Founder and Creative Director commented: “ I am incredibly grateful to our team – who has worked so hard to push the limits of what is possible by creating memories that warm the heart, timeless and perfect to be shared. The best recognition is certainly to hear how many traditional gamers and have not loved flying with their friends and be guided within the game. I am truly thrilled with what awaits us, we are constantly evolving and our goal will always be to give people new ways to connect. “