Irresponsible! Beckham breaks the rules It will be expensive!

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - MAY 26: David Beckham of Manchester United '99 Legends looks on during the Manchester United '99 Legends and FC Bayern Legends match at Old Trafford on May 26, 2019 in Manchester, England. (Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images)

Very serious crime!

One of the main measures that all the governments of the world are taking to prevent the spread of the coronavirus is for society to stay at home except in cases of basic necessity. Restrictions that have also reached the United States in the face of the collective hysteria that is spreading everywhere. Despite the fact that one of the great stars residing there has ignored the measure. David Beckham has sinned of irresponsible total skipping the measures and now it can be expensive.

The former Real Madrid soccer player currently lives in Miami with his family and at the moment it seems that he has not learned the gravity of the situation. The Briton has been seen with his three children and other children playing a soccer game on a community field. Without keeping any distance, sweating and without a shirt skipping each and every one of the recommendations that have been given from above.

If he does not take it this time, it may never be contagious, because the scenario he has generated has contained each and every one of the factors necessary to cause a big problem for him or for any of the kids who accompanied him. An act of complete irresponsibility that Beckham has not yet wanted to pronounce.

The so strong arrival of the Covid-19 in the United States has caused that the States have had to put the batteries. In Florida, bars, and places of public entertainment, in general, have already been closed and the obligation to maintain a minimum of one meter among all people has been approved as a safety distance. Americans do not want to make the same mistakes as other countries like Italy or Spain, where it has expanded much more so far. We’ll see if the joke Beckham ends up coming out expensive.