Disney is playing Scarlett Johansson. It’s been set aside!


She was not amused

The plans for 2020 Disney were very clear. It is one of the largest film companies in history and as such it has many fronts open for this year with several projects ready for release, in addition to the launch of its own internet platform to enjoy its series and movies, Disney +. The current situation has caused several of the premieres to be delayed to the point that they have not even thought of a new date for all of them. The Covid-19 also hits the movie industry hard.

One of the big losers has been Scarlett Johansson.  The actress has starred in the solo film ‘Black Widow’ which was slated to hit theaters in early May. Although from Disney they do not want to risk the least not to raise the expected in their new installment. Its premiere has been canceled until further notice until the situation has returned to normal around the world.

Disney has also postponed the arrival on the big screen of the ‘Mulan’ live-action and the new installment of ‘X-Men’. The movie about the mutants was scheduled for earlier this month, but the situation has made its premiere unfeasible. Regarding series production, all filming has also been stopped.  ‘Wanda & Vision’ was one of the big bets for this year, but it seems that all viewers will have to wait until at least 2021 to enjoy it.

As for the Disney + platform that arrives in Spain these days for the first time, at the moment it continues its course normally. It has been operating in several countries for months and as it is a consumption of à la carte entertainment it will not undergo any modification. In this way, she provides all her fans with an alternative way to continue enjoying all her creations until normality, long-awaited by all, returns and her new projects can see the light.