Will Smith is fed up. Divorce in sight!


In Hollywood, there is no other talk

The famous American actor Will Smith is tired of the rumors surrounding him constantly chasing him. It is one thing for me to place you doing this or that role. But personal attacks on their marriage have again crossed the barrier. All of Hollywood was talking again about a possible separation between Will and his wife Jada. The actor has quickly put down the rumor and asked that they stop playing with his family. They keep attacking him!

They are one of the most iconic couples in Hollywood, but the press seems determined to separate them. After getting married in 1997, both have gone through several complicated stages, but they have always known how to complement each other and overcome setbacks together. Parents of three children have endured thousands of storms and it does not seem that it will be otherwise with this one. The rumor was already present last summer, and now it has resurfaced again. The interests of a third party seem to be at stake and he is determined that Will be single again.

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Jada herself has responded to the rumors in several interviews. He has learned to ignore them, although he has always maintained that anything that is disrespectful has no place in media publications. Confidence in your partner is blind and is the main key to your marriage. They are such for which!

The Smith family is also spending their days at home. Will himself has participated in initiatives to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. A worldwide break that is hurting all of Hollywood. The actor had planned to shoot three more films before the end of the year and now everything is a great unknown in the world of cinema. Now he has focused on spending time with his family and consolidating, if possible even more, his marriage.