Shannon de Lima says good morning with a photo in bed, with surprise!


Surprise everyone

Shannon de Lima is one of the great victims of the coronavirus, despite not testing positive. But if people are going crazy after just a few days in quarantine, locked up at home, one only has to imagine what the Venezuelan, who has been going on for a week, is going through. And, despite the fact that the idea of ​​going to Miami, or on vacation to a clean country, passed through her plans, the positive of a Real Madrid basketball player forced her current partner, James Rodríguez, to isolate herself along with her family. Therefore, the Venezuelan’s plans were flattened, and today her only distraction, in addition to series and movies, is sports.

However, the patience of Marc Anthony’s ex begins to run out, she no longer knows what to do. And she left proof of that in her last publication on her social networks, where she appeared lying on the bed, with a visible face of boredom. But it is what it touches, at least, for a few weeks, until all this coronavirus crisis passes, and things return to normal. Although it better be soon, because more than one is already losing patience, and no longer knows what to do. We can expect, then, that Shannon is more active than ever these days, answering many things, and posting many images and videos. 

“I also get very bored”, “If she doesn’t know what to do, with the money she has, imagine us”, “Every time less is missing, encourage everyone”, “Together we will get it”, “Shannon, why not Do you take advantage and do something with your followers? ” and “I only pray that this ends and we are all healthy” were the comments.