Ivana Icardi’s swimsuit that leaves everyone with their mouths open!


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He just made the leap to fame, but the habit of showing off her physical condition already came from before. Ivana Icardi has been released in the latest edition of the Mediaset reality show, ‘Survivors’. The young Argentine woman had already participated in other television programs in both Argentina and Italy. It can be seen that she is very comfortable in front of the cameras.  

The little sister of PSG soccer player Mauro Icardi is more than used to controversy. First from a distance with the whole story of her brother and his current wife Wanda Nara, and later in the first person after her stay at the house of Big Brother Italy. Ivana entered the program with a partner, but over the days she came to connect with another of the participants, Gianmarco Onestini. Their approach and complicity ended up causing the Argentine to leave her partner live after a confusion. What a blast!

Her time as ‘Survivors’ is not leaving anyone unsatisfied. Program in which she entered after her passage through ‘Save me: Deluxe’ in which she directly accused Gianmarco of having everything planned and playing with it. Ivana also does not get along with her sister-in-law, to whom she has sent some stick than another. According to Argentina, Wanda is a bad person and has managed to distance Mauro from her family.  Both brothers do not speak to each other and it does not seem that they are very much for the work of reconciliation.

On Instagram, she has found a hobby to show off with her fans. Her account has not stopped adding followers in recent months and she already has more than 750 thousand. Fame and controversy always go hand in hand with this girl who also never loses the opportunity to get into some puddle than another. Her popularity continues to rise and she seems delighted. She thinks without thinking about the consequences!