Many of you will have tried to start Fortnite in these minutes by coming across a message that warns of the inability to connect to the servers. Rest assured and do not worry because it is scheduled maintenance communicated with little advance and that at the end will bring the 12.20 update as a dowry on all platforms.

Fortnite update 12.20 will be available during the morning, Epic Games has not communicated the duration of the downtime, indicatively the servers should return online between 12:00 and 13:00 Italian time unless any unforeseen events that could delay jobs. Mid-morning Epic Games should then spread the official changelog with the improvements coming for Fortnite Real Battle, Creative Mode and Save the World.

In all likelihood this update will remove the aim assisted by Fortnite together with the legacy controls, it is a change long-awaited and continuously postponed, but now the right time may have come to introduce this novelty long requested by streamer and pro player.

We are waiting to find out what will be the news of the Fortnite 12.20 update, what do you expect from this new update of the Epic game?