Ariana James teaches it without filters It is brutal!


Collapse Instagram!

The Colombian model has sent a message of support for all her followers in the face of the complicated situation that exists throughout the world. Her words have been accompanied by a post that has turned Instagram upside down, as usual. She never loses the opportunity to boast of a great body and to leave all her followers speechless.

She has become one of the most famous Latino ‘influencers’ and a source of inspiration for many. Her personal well-being is due to physical exercise as she has mentioned several times, something that she also likes to share on social networks. Thus she has also managed to enter the group of fitness models, currently sponsoring some of the most prestigious brands in the sector such as ‘Dymatize’. Her routines and diets are her best-kept secret to achieve an enviable physique. Because the little body is worn out!

She is already one of the fixed in the list of ‘Instagramers’ who like to raise the temperature whenever they can. On this occasion, she has delighted her fans with a photograph in her new turquoise blue swimsuit that is not excessively long. Prepared for the arrival of good weather and wishing that the quarantine is over to enjoy again the beach and the sun. Although you can’t complain about all the luxuries you have!

It already has more than two million three hundred thousand followers. Figures that do not stop growing day by day. At her best and bragging about it. Bubble baths, travel, exercise, and a long list of more privileges. She shares everything on her Instagram profile so that her fans don’t lose track of her. Currently, she wants to make her followers aware of the importance of physical exercise in a person’s life, we will see if she ends up achieving it. It is the living example of the results that her routines provide!