A very serious threat Jennifer Aniston is the victim!


Hollywood is not at its best

One of the blackest episodes in Hollywood continues to cause controversy and implicate more stars. In this case, it was the actress Jennifer Aniston,  her name appeared in one of the emails that have been intervened by the American police. An operation that is being uncovered but luckily does not pose any risk to celebrities.

One of the great magnates of Hollywood has been the one who wrote that threat about the actress in her email. Harvey Weinstein was sentenced last week to 23 years in prison after being charged with rape. A decision that has been very easy to make for the North American justice after the more than a thousand documents that have come to light about the producer as evidence.

After studying the case, it was discovered that she had become a deeply paranoid and vengeful man. One of the personal documents contained a list of celebrities that she considered as enemies, in addition to messages in which she wanted to destroy all those who had wronged her.

Among the most famous names on the list it has been found, for example, that of Ben Affleck, accompanied by several of the actresses that Harvey had abused. It is now speculated whether Jennifer Aniston may also have been a victim of Weinstein’s early Hollywood beginnings.

The American media is waiting for the situation to clear up completely to bring the full story to light. At the moment the most benefited from all this is undoubtedly the film industry, which has managed to get rid of one of its great slabs. fight against the great leaders who continue to fight. A nucleus of great tycoons that is increasingly reduced and stained by episodes like this.