It is true! The Simpsons predicted Tom Hanks disease


And some other things that have come true

Neither witches, nor wands, nor magicians who move their hands and guess the future to theirs, the new visionaries are the Simpsons, and it is not the first time that this has been said about them. In one of its episodes, an infected Tom Hanks appears curiously, is it possible that they hit the spot with the actor?

Many are the familiar faces that have become cartoons thanks to this series, from Meghan MarkleBritney SpearsJustin Bieber, Lady Gaga to  Tom Hanks, the ‘simpsonization’ of Hollywood and surroundings has been unstoppable.

But it is surprising that with the actor they have sharpened so much with the situation and the moment almost 13 years before the disease took place!

In the episode in question, Hanks appears advertising a ‘new Grand Canyon’ because the lifelong attraction, without quite knowing why, had become boring, although the phrase of the animated Tom who has triggered all the alarms has been “ This is Tom Hanks saying that if you see me in person, please leave me alone. ”

A phrase that could be interpreted as the need to keep one’s distance from the actor so as not to fall ill too.

Recall that both Tom and his wife Rita Wilson have just tested positive for the coronavirus and it has only been known that they are infected when the supposed prediction of the drawings has come to light.

The yellow characters also predicted that Trump would reach the White House, the fall of the Twin Towers, one of the most serious injuries to soccer player Neymar and even Google’s sovereignty in the world. And now about Tom Hank … will there be any truth in everyone who believes that Matt Groening has something of a sorcerer?

For the moment full of successes in all his predictions, let’s hope that the screenwriter does not give him for thinking more strange things that can come true!