Yesterday Jason Schreier of Kotaku published a report on Naughty Dog, talking about the current situation of the study and the internal problems that led to the postponement of The Last of Us 2. The statements of the animator Jonathan Cooper are now added to what Schreier said, in any case, all to be verified.

Jonathan Cooper is an expert animator who has worked not only on The Last of Us Part 2 but also on projects such as the Mass Effect series, Assassin’s Creed III and Uncharted 4 End of a Thief. In a series of tweets, the animator revealed that crunch time is a fairly common practice in the studio, with many employees forced to work up to 55 hours a week and various members hospitalized due to excessive stress. for the too much-accumulated work.

Cooper claims to have left Naughty Dog to not harm his health after seeing a close friend and many colleagues forced to take weeks off due to nervous breakdowns and other health problems. The animator makes heavy accusations, stating that the success of the study depends largely on Sony, a company that would continue to satisfy every request from the management without intervening in any way.

” I left Naughty Dog because I want to work only with the best, and Naughty Dog is not, at least not anymore. Their reputation in Los Angeles is not positive as far as crunch time is concerned, so they have had to hire people with little experience or animators from the world of cinema. A team of more experienced staff would have finished the work on TLOU 2 well over a year ago. “

” When I left the company, Naughty Dog threatened not to pay me the last salary if I hadn’t signed documents that actually forbade me to share details on the production methods. They changed their mind when I pointed out that their behavior violated the law. “

These are some of the statements by Jonathan Cooper, as said, all to be verified and therefore to be taken with pliers. Sony and Naughty Dog have not yet commented on Jason Schreier’s report.