Amazing! Zendaya strolls down the street dressed in her boyfriend’s clothes


What will Jacob Elordi think?

Either Jacob Elordi is generous or Zendaya has taken advantage of carelessness on the part of the actor to drag his wardrobe along. No more dresses, tight and necklines, now it is comfortable to wear and wear your boy’s clothes, Zendaya style.

It has been difficult for them to confirm that they are together, no one has denied it, but neither has they affirmed it … although they have been caught so many times in the company that it is already taken for granted.

At the entrance of a party and at the exit of a party, always separately and trying to avoid the photographers catching them together … until now!

With the excuse of visiting a flea market without realizing that they were observing been caught on the streets of Los Angeles and see them on anyone say that Zendaya removed her clothes to her boyfriend!

Did you notice the matching of looks? The same color of the hat, T-shirt and jeans? Or did they agree when choosing clothes?

comfortable and informal style that was only differentiated by the type of footwear used, and is that seen from behind, the only difference between them is the size of the actress’s mane!

Too many coincidences not to be all orchestrated!

There are those who see an excess of romanticism in wearing the same dresses and some who say that to coincide in the outfit is to err on the side, especially knowing the style and glamor that the actress wastes in each of her appearances.

Although there are also some who say that it is a sibylline way of giving publicity to the series ‘Euphoria’, to the new season that has started its recording and that they both star. If Zendaya returns to dress in her boy’s clothes, it is no longer a coincidence.