Mayra Cardi makes an unusual publication and shoots: “They can judge”


The fitness muse caught the attention of the crowd

Mayra Cardi spoke on social media when she released a photo on Wednesday afternoon (11). The celebrity showed how her butt is doing and made a long outburst about people’s judgments and, of course, about fitness.

“This post is just to show my ass even though I went back to working out after two years of standing still and I’m really happy because I didn’t remember that she could get any bigger,” she wrote in the publication’s caption.

“Thank you #focus thank you #dedicacao #comidasaudavel and thank you @secavocerenove that without you I wouldn’t have!
You can judge me at will now because I’m posting my ass, ”he concluded.

Recently, Mayra Cardi released a video on her Instagram Stories in which she appears completely as she came into the world. Of course, fans printed the screen and the photos went viral.

The muse also commented on her body: “Yes, I have stretch marks before you know it, they are the marks of a 17-year-old girl who got pregnant and didn’t even have the money to buy 3 reais’ almond oil”, she said.