Shannon de Lima shows the bestial garden of James Rodríguez’s house


You will be speechless

Last Sunday, March 8, was International Women’s Day, a date indicated on the calendar. Because all women took advantage to claim their rights, like Shannon de Lima, who shared a text on her social networks. “Happy Women’s Day, Let’s always keep supporting each other, and remember that our decisions and actions are what show who we really are, more than our abilities. Be yourself and never doubt yourself and what you can achieve ”were the textual words of the American, who did not want to forget about such an important day for all, that celebrates gender equality and the rights of the female sex, so Little respected in the past. A message that was applauded by its entire audience.

However, it was not what focused the most attention. Because, to launch this message, James Rodríguez’s couple took a picture in the garden of their house, which left everyone speechless. Obviously, because of its size and beauty, it appeared to be more of a community park than privately owned. Both the Real Madrid and the Venezuelan players had already shared images there more than once, but always from a smaller point of view, which did not reveal much ground. Her followers were speechless watching the picture, and could not do anything but admire the landscape, which, for the first time, focused more eyes than the beauty of Shannon herself, who appeared with a jeans eighties-style Texan, and a top that left her belly exposed.

“My goodness, if this is the garden, I don’t want to imagine what the house is like”, “Please, Shannon, show your whole house” or “Only the design of that patio must have cost a fortune” were the most comments seen.