Seriously? This is what Georgina Rodríguez put on for comfortable travel


Her is to give the note

The Georgina Rodríguez thing with the rags, the bags and the outfit to travel is nonsense, you can see that the simple and the natural do not go with her. She has just tasted what it feels like to be simple person when it comes to taking a trip and she has been shot in the butt because Gio’s look is not wasted!

With the excuse of taking a flight to no one knows what destination, the couple of Christiano Ronaldo planted a look of the most comfortable but totally lacking in style, did you see that tracksuit? Or is it pajamas?

Anyone would say that each of those garments has cost her a kidney!

The thing about the pink socks over the pants is already to cry out to heaven but how else could the brand you wear show your feet?

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And if Gio thought that traveling with sportswear would help her to know what we feel the rest of the mundanes spoiled all her attempts with the accessories chosen to accompany her to her destination.

Expensive bags not to say very expensive and bracelets and diamonds on the hands, is this the idea of ​​the simplicity of Cristiano’s wife?

And to make her staging more credible, Georgina’s face does not have a bit of makeup nor has she spent much time in front of the mirror when deciding on her hairstyle.

Did you really believe that with this publication we would change our opinion of it?

He has not succeeded in anything … but knowing her will not matter!

If she recently traveled with nearly a million euros in jewelry alone, today we cannot imagine the amount that will be around with everything she has on her and that with the look she wears, no one would say!

But they already say that for tastes the colors and it is possible that the mannequin looks great as it goes. Or maybe she doesn’t care so much about the appearance as the price of everything she carries, Georgina never knows.