In recent weeks numerous PlayStation 5 concept designs have emerged and today there are those who have tried to imagine PS5 with a “cubed” look in the GameCube style.

A very minimal fact concept that has three sections joined together with a retractable Blu-Ray player and no buttons highlighted, on the chassis only the PlayStation logo and the blue power LED. A design that in some ways recalls the appearance of the Xbox Series X, albeit in an even smaller format and further reduced to take up less space.

It must be said that as interesting as the definitive aspect of PlayStation 5 will almost certainly not follow this concept in any way, many people think that the next Sony console will have a design in line with that of PlayStation 4 and PS4 PRO, although at the moment the company has not spoken about it, not showing even a small teaser or a fragment of the console.

PlayStation 5 will be released at Christmas 2020 together with Xbox Series X, doubts about the presentation date, apparently expected during the spring, even if the international emergency Coronavirus may have changed Sony’s plans. And what do you think of the cube design for PlayStation 5? Would you like it if the console actually looked like this?