Man threatens to release intimate video of Ze Neto with his wife


The sertanejo ruled on the case

Zé Neto is going through complicated moments in his intimate life. A man is threatening to release a video of the countryman with his wife, Natália Toscano if he does not receive a sum of money.

According to him, it would be the second time that the same man intimidates her with the alleged video.

“Unfortunately, the efforts made at the time were not enough and less than a month ago the author of the video resumed the threats, perhaps taking advantage of the moment of the second pregnancy,” said Zé Neto, during an interview with Metrópoles.

“I am sure that no communication vehicle, out of ethics and respect, would publish these images, so I thought it would be time to stop it,” said the country singer.

Until the closing of this article, the staff had not revealed whether Zé Neto knows the boy.