A few days after the launch of the Steam version of Borderlands 3, Gearbox Software has released all the details regarding the possibility of enabling crossplay between those who play on the Valve platform and those who have purchased their copy of the shooter on Epic Games Store.

Let’s start with a couple of clarifications: crossplay will arrive at the launch of the Steam version of the game next Friday 13 March 2020 (Epic Games Store users will have to download a free update) and it will not be mandatory to enable it since a related item will be added to the game settings similar to what was seen recently in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Specifically, you can disable this feature from the Options menu, by entering the General section of the “Network and social” menu.

Whether or not you decide to play with those active on the other platform, it is mandatory to activate SHiFT matchmaking: a sort of infrastructure common to the two-game clients created by the developers and through which players can invite each other. The first time you start the game on Steam and on the Epic Games Store (after the update on Friday 13 March), you will be asked to choose a nickname to use for crossplay that respects the following rules:

  • The ID must be unique and not used by any other Borderlands 3 player
  • The maximum length is 16 characters, the minimum 3
  • The first character must be a letter (lowercase or uppercase) and the rest of the ID can only contain letters, numbers, dashes (both low and high) and
  • non-consecutive points

In case you change your mind, know that you can change your nickname both from the game settings (via the social menus) and by visiting the page of your SHiFT account.